Polly Miles

'Almost a year ago I decided to start something new and found Pole Power in Plymouth with Kelly Morgan.

Made Kaya Teare come with me to the first free taster session because I was nervous about going alone.

It became clear straight away Pole Power is all about support and fun as well as learning new moves/skills.

Just wanted to share a few progress pics from when I started to now, I’ve seen my fitness and strength improve as well as bringing back some that I lost!!

And the flexibility lessons with Clare Potter have given me extra bendyness, splits are improving and I can reach way past my toes now πŸ˜ƒ

Even with the online lessons and being able to learn from home, I always go back to the studio as much as possible because it is one of my most important happy places and the roadtrip from London is worth it every time!!'

Abby Tregelles

'So back in February (2017) I went to Pole Power in Plymouth for a taster session.

The first photo is my first visit, since then i have not been able to go enough.

I have challenged myself to achieve things I never thought i could, I am the strongest I have ever been and have grown in confidence.

I just love going and cannot thank Kelly and Clare for believing in me.

Also big big thanks to Joelle for taking me along in the first place! Never to old xxx

Beckie Hall

'Saturday night reflection... back in March I ventured along to a taster session at Pole Power Plymouth and what a difference it has made.

I became addicted to Aerial Hoop. It's crazy to think how far I've come, both my confidence and strength have improved massively.

I've become more toned and am slowly working my way on becoming more flexible. I couldn't recommend Kelly Morgan and Pole Power Plymouth more.

Here's to 2018 and nailing my goals... piking on to the top bar πŸ’ͺ and venturing on to the pole itself!

Top left is pictures from my first class and the others are a few of my fave moves, there's a lot of them πŸ™ˆ! I struggled to pick just one.'

Angie Raspberry Porscha

'This is 6 months apart and I’m so proud how my pole journey is going.

I have always found it difficult to find something I love enough to stick at for more than 3 month but also that has the affect on my body and mind that this does.

I have had an eating disorder since my early 20’s (I’m now 51) and therefore hate my body,

14 months into my pole journey I now walk tall, feel confident about how I look and feel sexy again.

The things I can get up to now, since building my strength and confidence just blow my mind.'

Ellie Baker

'So happy to share some progress pictures of my time at Pole Power with Kelly Morgan after almost a year!

Not only have I had the most fun working out... I have seen a real difference in my body and mind.

After spending the majority of my life underweight, no energy, poor mental health and motivation I can really tell the difference with how I look and feel.

I didn’t attend Pole Power initially with an aim to get my body to look a certain way, I went because it’s fun, challenging and never boring βœ¨

if anyone is looking for an alternative way of working out, and to have fun and make wonderful friends then this is the place to go! Plus you’ll get some awesome photos as well βœ¨πŸ˜πŸ’œ' 

Kimberly Hartsell

'A year and a month ago I embarked on my pole journey. I really had no clue how things were going to go my first day.

I'm the shy first time mom from the USA thrown into a new country.

I'm klutzy, stiff, and a bit ditsy at times, but I was determined to give this a go! It looked amazing and everyone doing it looked amazing.

I wanted to feel amazing too! The first day was hard, but I was surprised and shocked with what my body could do, and I guess that's when you can say the fever took hold and I got hooked.

I loved the way I felt after every class. Now here I am going further and further and getting stronger and stronger. Impressing myself every day! I'm so glad that shy girl a year ago took that leap! β€πŸ¦„

Thank you so much Kelly Morgan for this opportunity. Without you, Clare Potter, and Pole Power I wouldn't be as confident and strong as I am today! And thanks to all my friends and class mates since day one! You lot have been so amazing and supportive! xxx'

Leanne Dicker

'So as most of you know, I started at Pole Power with Kelly Morgan a few years back. I

t’s amazing to look through the photos that show my progress! The first was from one of the first lessons I had and the last was the most recent πŸ’ͺ🏻

Looking at these makes me super proud of how far I’ve come! I remember feeling really emotional after my 1st session thinking I’d never be any good but these photos show that I’m actually not that bad.

My strength & flexibility have definitely improved, my confidence has also improved as has my mental health, and I found something that I feel passionate about,

I’ve also met an amazing bunch of people along the way! To all of the lovely ladies at Pole Power, thankyou so much for putting your time, patience & belief in me πŸ’•'

Michelle Louise Mills

'I can't believe it's not even been a year since I convinced a friend to come @polepowerplymouth with me, because I didn't have the confidence to go on my own.

I have always been a negative person, doubting myself etc, my favourite phrase in pole class is "nope" but with every picture I take I have physical proof that I CAN do things I thought I never could.

That pole fitness is not just for the athletic, sexy, peachy arses we see on tv but that someone my size CAN work a pole.

I still say nope when learning new moves (old habits die hard and all that!) πŸ€£ but I ALWAYS give it a go because I WILL nail that move one day, maybe today, maybe tomorrow but with some perseverance, help from Kelly Morgan and Clare Potter one day soon I'll be adding another move to my photo album! β˜Ί x''

Jwann E-k

'This year was a turning point for me. I wanted a hobby. Life was all about Work. I wanted something different that I could also do at home, something that was creative but would help me become fitter.

I did zero fitness I knew it would be a huge struggle.

In March 2017 I was inspired by Louise Seddons achievements at Pole Power. The photos looked so pretty.

Plucking up the courage I booked a beginners course. There are no photos of that time. The reason. I was crap. I could do nothing πŸ˜‚.

I persevered with the conditioning and attempting moves with promises made by Rebecca Jones that the strength would come.

8 weeks in I started to notice I was getting stronger. 9 months later I feel bloody invincible.

Last week after a traumatic train journey in the snow I was able to carry 2 suitcases and a laptop bag down a long steep open slippery metal staircase in icy and snowy conditions and make the coach that was going to get us home.

If it wasn’t for Pole Power I would have been looking for help and probably would have missed the coach.

The Pole Power team have given me a can do attitude plus the physical strength to do things for myself.

It’s been more than exercise. It’s been great for my state of mind and I have made friends for life.

I love my guns!! πŸ’ͺ Clothes look better on and my legs although covered in pole kisses are finally getting shape.

I am looking forward to the next 12 months, there is so much still to achieve. That Chopper will be mine!!! Massive thanks to Rebecca Jones , Clare Potter, and of course owner and pole captain Kelly Morgan without who non of this would have been possible.'

Fiona Willey

So what a difference a year makes!

'A year ago I made some life changing decisions and one of them was to start pole power with the inspirational Kelly and Clare.

This year I have been able to do pole moves that seem impossible, I am the fittest and strongest I have been in years, I lost 2 stone and gained so much more confidence and inner strength!

I have always worried about what other people think and was always to scarred to go to an exercise class in case people judged me!

From everything I have built up over the last year at pole I walked in to a strength training class by myself, not knowing anyone or what I was doing and smashed it in my own!

This coming year I know I can take on anything that life throws at me because I am stronger physically and mentally and this has all come from flinging myself about on a pole!

Thank you ladies! You will never know how much my happy place at pole power means to me!'

Lizzi Lee

'So even though i didn’t make a new year resolution the beginning of this year I started at pole power for something new that I wanted to try but was to scared to do on my own 
but I though no I’m going to do this and I’ve never regretted that decision.

Along the way I have improved strength each week from struggling to lift myself of the ground the first week and then convincing my body to let go or support my own weight,

I have made friends along the way and I love how everyone supports each other from the first moment.

Taking part in these classes I have noticed my confidence has improved making me believe I can do anything I put my mind too (even if I stand there staring at the pole for a moment to get my head to talk to my body πŸ˜‚), and. my arms and legs have become more toned.

As you can see from the photos I’m now not so worried about being upside down or letting go,

I’ve had conversations in past with friends about balance and coordination that we use to laugh about I’m the type of person who is safer with both feet on the ground and I’m glad that is not the case any more πŸ˜Š.

Thank you to pole power Kelly and Clare for helping me through this year and the progress I’ve made thanks to you πŸŒˆ'

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