About Pole Power

Owner Kelly, founded Pole Power in 2014, her mission, to get as many women active and actually enjoy working out.


Having heard so many people in her own community talk about how they would love to pole but didn't like that they had to wear shorts, Kelly knew there was so many people missing out on the amazing health benefits pole fitness brings which is when she created Pole Power.


Pole Power only use grippy poles, allowing members to come in clothing, sports leggings and t-shirt being perfect pole workout gear.


  The team at Pole Power empower women (and men) of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities in providing a range of levelled pole & Aerial fitness lessons.

Pole Power offers a warm welcoming environment for those that want more than just being a number in a fitness class. 

Pole power not only strive on being able to offer lessons that have an enormous amount of benefits, from increasing fitness level, shifting body  fat to building confidence and achieving their goals , they also have a wonderful community, known as 'PolePower family' which get together regularly which is great for students and instructors to get to know each other more, and quite often for many the only social gathering they feel comfortable and confident enough to attend. 


Pole Power support and encourage all women and men to take the plunge with a trial session no matter whether a complete newbie or have tried it before else where.

(We do not offer heeled classes or exotic routines)