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Pole Power Franchising

Are you keen as beans to own your own pole fitness business like no other, making a difference and changing lives in your local community?  


Our operation manuals have been custom built  specifically for Pole Power franchisees.

This means you don’t need to be an advanced level poler or aerialist to own a studio.


The manual covers all you need to run your Pole Power business which includes our levelled lesson plans to ensure best practices and techniques are taught the same way across every Pole Power Studio, making our brand reliable for customers. 


Regular studio visits from head office to ensure you are fully supported 

Access to daily support and new ideas.

You'll have an assigned mentor from your first day of being a franchisee

Ongoing training for our franchisees and their teams.

Not only will you have regular income from memberships, Pole power offers other revenue streams such as branded clothing, workshops, courses, private training bundles to increase revenue. 


Low start-up costs make it easy to get started quickly

You'll have access to our marketing to keep material fresh and have consistent enquiries.

No experience required, although prior training in pole fitness will help, you must be enthusiastic and really want to make a difference to peoples lives. 


What makes us stand out from other pole fitness franchises?

The ability to attract and retain customers who would have never stepped inside a pole studio. This is because using our grippy poles opens up to a whole new world of polers who don't have the confidence to pole in their shorts. We therefore know you will thrive as  a Pole Power studio franchisee as there is a real demand for pole fitness classes in your area.  You will get our in-depth training  on how to teach using grippy poles which is different from your classic chrome poles making it a truly awesome business to be a franchisee of. 

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