1. Is there an age limit for Pole Power Classes?

Under 18's are welcome to attend our kids classes.  No upper age limit everyone welcome

(14-17 year olds can participate in adult classes with their parent present.)


2. Am I too old? Overweight? Weak? 

No, come and join us we have a wide range of people attend and you will be welcomed no matter what you age, size or ability. 


3. I have never done any pole or aerial training, what is best for me to attend?

Best to attend a FREE taster session. Click Here to arrange yours. 

4. I work shifts can I still attend?

No problem, there are a range of classes you can pick and choose from every-week, either on a PAYG or membership basis. 

5. What if I can't make a session I have booked for?

24 hours notice or more, you can simply change any class booked by logging in and choosing another day instead. Less than 24 hours notice will result in the class being lost. 

6. How much does classes and private training cost?

Click here to view timetable and prices

7.What to wear?  

Pole Fitness- Our grippy sleeves means Sports leggings and a tshirt is ideal.

Aerial Hoop- Fitted comfortable clothing. When you first start it is advisable to protect the back on the knees, ideally long leggings and a tshirt is best

8. What not  to wear?

Please remove all jewellery before attending class to prevent it becoming damaged as well as  minimising injury to yourselves. Avoid wearing moisturiser on the day of your classes to aid grip. Moisturiser can make you and our equipment slippy making it dangerous not only for yourself but others using the equipment too. 


9. Is there anything else I need to know?
Make sure you bring your own water.
While you are perfecting new moves it s likely that you will experience bruises and/or friction burns. 

You must be free from injury at all times to participate in training with us 


10. I'm pregnant can I still attend?

No, I'm afraid we dont offer training for pregnant women on safety grounds and insurance reasons.

11. I have just had a baby can I attend?

You will need to be a minimum of 12 weeks postnatal and have the all clear to participate by your GP. Your safety is our upmost priority and with Aerial and Pole being physically demanding, we need to ensure your body has fully recovered.

12. I am too nervous to book a class with other people

No problem, You aren't alone. It can be very daunting when trying something new so why not come along to a 30min private session first to see what it is all about.  Private Lesson Info 

Need to speak to head office? Email info@pole-power.co.uk

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