What are all classes about?

Aerial Hoop & Silks

You'll get to learn on both aerial hoop and silks as we split the class into 2! We welcome everyone into this class whether your are a beginner or more advance ( We encourage you to attend a FREE aerial hoop taster sessions first) You'll be encouraged to push your boundaries to progress no matter what your level working on your strength and flexibility in particular. 

Get Bendy

Working on increasing your flexibility from head to toe to aid progression and achievements in your pole and aerial workouts. Main areas being shoulders, back, hips and legs  will be the focus in all classes. This class is perfect for those who aren't very flexible and want somewhere to start. Warning: These classes are intense stretching for those who really really want to achieve! 

Mixture Pole

In these lessons you will be learning a specific element of pole, for example, spinny pole, flexi pole, pole handstands, floor base pole moves etc. You'll get to know what element you'll be working on in our members only Facebook group, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Pole /Aerial Fitness- Beginners, Part 1, 2 & 3

All our pole and aerial classes are levelled to ensure you get the most out of each and every class. You start with Beginners course for x4 weeks and then progress to part 1 which most people stay in that level for approx 6 -12 months. You will be given a tracker sheet to tick off and see your progression in which we will sign you off and graduate you into part 2 pole, same for part 3. You will work on learning, tricks, building strength and learning combos to progress you through your Pole Power Journey. We understand that it can be scary being in a class full of more advanced people and feeling like you've been chucked in the deep end when you are only a beginner, so we want you to start as a beginner with other beginners to build your confidence and progress amazingly.

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